Introducing the
Next Evolution in Digital
OOH Marketing

Out of the Box Media (OBM) presents: “Holobox” the most advanced Out of Home (OOH) on-location, real-world digital marketing platform in the world. Holobox incorporates the latest innovations in true volumetric 3D display technology coupled with the leading-edge in artificial intelligence and cognitive computing. All of this in a practical and compact unit that can be customised to aesthetically blend into any location or setting.

Out of the realms of
science-fiction and
into reality

Holobox engages the audience with an immersive and interactive audio visual experience using true volumetric 3d video and high definition, directional sound. A unique experience, devoid of any special headsets or eyewear. What was once restricted to the realms of Hollywood blockbusters is very much here today!

Let’s Have a Conversation

Traditional out out of home communication channels only allow for one-way communication. Holobox engages the user in a two-way conversation; the user provides Holobox with inputs and reactions to the content they are viewing, while the Holobox responds with interactions and content that would be of interest to the audience.

Let’s Get To Know
Each Other

Real-time analytics will enable Brands to not only quantify the effectiveness of their communication with the audience but will also provide extensive and intimate insight into who they are and what they are thinking right now. All of this in a fully automated system that does not require human intervention.

to Know

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