Software Engineer, Musician

Hi there! I develop software stuff and play awesome guitar solos.

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Skills Overview

Web Programming

Python Flask, MVC, HTML5, CSS, jQuery


MongoDB, MySQL, SQL Server

Data Science

Python, Sci-kit Learn, D3.js

Software Engineering


Skills Details

Languages Proficiencies

Python, C++

Languages Familiar with

Java, C#, JavaScript, MATLAB, x86 Assembly

Databases Familiar with

MongoDB, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle 10g

Cloud Platform

Microsoft Azure (Solution deployment, Virtual machines)

Software Engineering

UML Modeling and Documentation, Requirement Specification (IEEE template), Design Specification, Agile (Scrum, Extreme Programming), SDLC, Formal methods, Object Oriented Design

Things I've worked in

  1. Python: Sci-kit Learn, Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Flask
  2. JavaScript: D3.js, jQuery
  3. Java: Android Application Development
  4. C#: MVC